🕛 Riders Touched by Fire🔥


21 days until the beginning of the end (for them) and just 15 days until SEVENTEEN’S three-year anniversary.

While we don’t know how it will end, we have a good sense of what‘s coming.

But if you listened to POTUS’ speech last night in Florida, you also know that it will not come until after the election.

Which is why we still have work to do.

Beyond preparing, I like to contribute is by creating art for our movement and producing hoodies to raise $$ for our President’s re-election campaign.

Due to popular demand, I’ve launched a new of full-zip hoodies and classic pullovers in fall colors.

Donating portion of proceeds to Trump while there’s still time to fight in battleground states.

And related to creating for the movement, I’m reading about Paul Revere, the OG Midnight Rider, who was so much more than what we learned about in that age old poem.

Turns out he was much more than just a messenger. He was an artist, a strategist, a spy.

Early member of the Sons of Liberty, he also founded and led the first patriot espionage network in Boston—the “Mechanics” (also known as the Liberty Boys)

And when he took flight to warn John Hancock and Samuel Adams, he wasn't alone. Two other men rode alongside him, William Dawes and Samuel Prescott.

By the end of the night as many as 40 men on horseback joined their Midnight Ride to spread word across Middlesex County.

Now 245 years later. We are ready and alert, waiting for the call. Remember—God Wins.