🚀 To the moon, and beyond✨

Building parallel economies

For years people have talked about getting out of the woke echo chamber.

Creating censorship-resistant networks and economies in order to regain the freedom that’s been taken.

This began in open-source (or underground) communities. And grew as more and more people got canceled or deplatformed.

The only way to remain safe in clown world is to pretend to believe the lies society tells itself.

But the problem is that after awhile your subconscious eventually believes the lies.

People like to reference 1984 a lot. Go read the ending. Winston gives in.

If you don’t want that to happen to you, you have to participate in the construction of a new, parallel economy.

And it’s not going to look like the old one because the future will be decentralized.

If you’re not already read in on blockchain and cryptocurrency. Start taking baby steps.

Eventually you realize it’s not just a high-risk speculative market (tho it is that).

What it is are the building blocks for a whole new internet. Organizations without leaders. Banks without regulations.

Apps and platforms on a blockchain with decentralized infrastructure will be literally impossible for corporations or governments to take down. It’s the future and it’s starting. Media is toast. Big tech is trouble. Banks have less than a decade.

What’s coming is true individual liberty—with great financial upside for early adopters—if you’re willing to take on the risks and responsibilities.

The convergence of the CRYPTO and WWG1WGA communities will bring about the change we desire.

No individual savior is coming. It is up to us, a collection of mutually-incentivized individuals to work together to build this new “Republic”.

Lines are being redrawn. Not right vs left. But those who trust institutions and those who trust individuals.

PS here’s a fun thought experiment:

The idea of “money” is really just a story. Things have value because of the people who believe in them.

If we all believed clamshells or tulips were the best currency, we’d all be hoarding them. Instead we hoard precious metals, fiat dollars, and crypto like Bitcoin.

It’s all the same—faith is what makes one type of currency more valuable than the other.

So what if, instead of just building his own news network or social platform, Donald J Trump launched his own cryptocurrency?

Imagine being able to buy $DJTC on the open market. It wouldn’t just be 80 million American Patriots HODLing, it would be people worldwide who believe in freedom from tyranny.

This level of enthusiasm would make it one of the most valuable crypto currencies, sending it “to the moon”.

What if Jared and team already thinking about this? 🤔 What do you think?

PPS don’t get caught up in ‘bad news’ about SCOTUS and other things today.