🐎 Waking Up Together ⚔️


Years from now, centuries even, students in American classrooms from Portland to Brooklyn will learn of POTUS, Q, and the Digital Anons who saved this great nation.

This still-unfolding saga of the Great Awakening will become, along with Paul Revere’s Midnight Ride, one of the shared memories that make Americans one people, under God, diverse as we may be.

There will be books, movies, TV retrospectives. Heck, maybe even a few video games! But nothing will come close to the experience of being part of this movement over the past three years.

Our job is to be here, to witness, and to remember. To share with future generations the set of truths that set us free (again).

And the most important lesson to impart is the notion that to be free is to choose. That the history of a free people is a history of hard choices. Of sacrifice.

You must carry that critical message into the night, just as Paul Revere alarmed the Founders of this Republic.

Thank you for reading and sharing. Hard to write or draw, lately. But will continue to check in with you. Appreciate you reaching out.

And for all who ordered God Wins hoodies—gear is in production with donations being made (waiting for Trump campaign to 8x match funds!)

Love you. God Wins 👊