🔊 We are the Outcasts

The Internet Strikes Back

Hi there. Been a week since my last post. Lots happening. 

🚨 Just want to acknowledge that everyone here is amazing.

🗂 And you should know that there are hundreds (likely thousands) of people just like you who are taking the initiative to legally and peacefully organize in their Congressional and Legislative districts.

📜 If you’re still on Twitter or playing around with Telegram or any number of alternative platforms, I know it’s exhausting trying to keep up with the noise. There’s information and disinformation and complete randomness. 

🔑 The key is to pick an objective and focus. Otherwise, you’ll just end up sitting there, waiting for a savior. Personally, there are many goals I want to accomplish—some less realistic than others—but I began to research a Writ of Quo Warranto (which literally means, “by what authority?”) This may be a viable means of challenging (S)elected officials who must then respond with evidence documenting the (IL)legitimacy of their position. Many across our states now see this extraordinary legal action as the primary tactic.

🔍 But we MUST work together and crowdsource research. Rather than reading headlines, what if you start searching for legal precedent in your state. What’s the history of Quo Warranto where you live? What are the risks? What are the opportunities? No time for general news, let’s go digging!

👊 I ask everyone here to remember one very important thing—there is no change that cannot be accomplished with enough people on the ground and the right people in office. 

👀 And be careful. Because the opposition will literally stop at nothing to silence the voices and destroy the lives of those who dare to challenge their fraudulent power. They’ll cancel us, make us outcasts, or worse. 

🙏 But you know what? We already are the outcasts. Surrounded by criminals and sheep. It’s going to be hard and nobody is going to help us but us. We digital soldiers put on the Armor of God. We get started. And our momentum will inspire others. And their momentum will inspire us. WWG1WGA.

⚖️ By the way, recall how many judges Trump installed in office. Hundreds. These were in lower courts. I’ve got verified confirmation from within the “previous” administration that this was intentional to clear the path for people like us to work just like this. So let’s take the opportunity and run!!!

Love you all, my patriot brothers and sisters. 

God Wins.

PS I’d like to standardize the cadence. Once post per week. Would you prefer Monday, Wednesday, or Friday?

Please let me know in the comments.