⚖️ When will it feel like America, again?


No weapon fashioned against you shall succeed, and you shall confute every tongue that rises against you in judgment.

This is the heritage of the servants of the Lord and their vindication from me, declares the Lord.

Isaiah 54:17

Trump’s second impeachment trial begins.

And after a few weeks of head-faked uncertainty, it seems most Patriots have settled in to a calm understanding of what must play out.

More than three years ago we were all invited to participate in an inclusive, open-source, non-violent psyop to inoculate us from the psyop(s) that were to come and are still playing out.

We’re awake now, and connected, no matter how hard they try to split the herd into poachable silos.

But taking the red pill isn’t the end of the line—it’s the beginning of the beginning.

And while nobody pontificating on the internet knows exactly what’s going to happen next (too many variables, too much compartmentalization) I bet you have a feeling in your gut.

You get it now. Trump was never our savior. We are not his followers. He is a leader, elected by we the people, to represent us and our American interests.

And the greatest leaders inspire more leaders. And those leaders go on to inspire their communities. And united communities—young, old, male, female—are unstoppable.

100M+ Cancelled, Disenfranchised citizens. Think of the power and influence we collectively wield. No wonder they’re panicked.

So we patiently wait and listen to our President for guidance. We tune out noise. We steer clear of rabbit holes. We ignore instigators. We observe and we learn and we listen to our guys.

What are we to do?

#BLT—Be Like Trump

What does that mean?

Join your school boards. Volunteer for committees. Host an event. Run for local office (or manage the campaign of someone who’ll represent your community). Pray and keep spirits high.

Because while Trump and patriots is busy saving America, we must all play our part peacefully and lawfully saving our once free and independent states.

How are you involved in the effort, and what advice do you have?

God Wins