† Xrossroads

Where to go from here?

How are you doing?

I’ve been keeping a very low profile, online and off, due to some unforeseen circumstances.

I want to keep the connection with you, because many of us have been migrating from one place to another.

But I’m not sure how many of us are still here.

I was looking at my reader data and learned that more than 200 people stopped opening my emails since the election.

I can understand that—people are planning and reflecting in their own way.

So I’ve been praying alone on whether to put this on hiatus, or shift to some other format.

In the meantime I sent a private note to those 200+ people letting them know I’d remove them from the mailing list so as to not clutter their inbox.

A handful wrote back and said they’d like to stay on the list. Reminding me that consistent routine is the best way to build connection and fit into someone’s life.

I‘ll admit it’d been a challenge to create new art when our republic (and the world) is under attack. But these are the times when art and voice matter most.

So I think I can commit to one new artwork and a short note per week. If you want to hear from me and receive these emails, then I’ll keep sending them to you.

Thanks for being here.


God Wins