Crushing the Snake 🐍


Deep into the Old Testament at the moment, seeming to read the Bible in reverse. 

And while I’ve read of a few female prophets throughout, only recently did I come into contact with the woman Deborah.

Her story resonated with me deeply. And manifestations of it have seeped into my unconscious—occupying my dreams.

Perhaps because it is our story.

We were captive to sin. We had no hope. 

Satan and his 900 chariots stacked against us.

We could not fight on our own.

But the Lord stood in our place. Fighting on our behalf. Claiming victory over the enemy in an unlikely way—through a cross.

The image I have in my mind are the witnesses to the eternal story, playing out time and again, of God crushing the head of His enemy. 

Which was first revealed in Genesis 3, part of the covenant God made with Eve…

That her seed would crush the head of the serpent.

In other words, Jesus would crush the head of Satan.

And we see that happening now, same as it ever was.

Because God Wins.