Emergence from fog


In the wrong hands, history is a means of falsifying the record of past events.

One of my objectives with this toonletter is to help rescue honest accounts from previous generations smothered by the liberal establishment.

To have thin rays of truth pierce the darkness of distortion and falsehood that enveloped (and still envelop) America.

For when past crimes are presented as virtuous accomplishments, we have little chance to avoid the repetition of those past crimes… or their cruel consequences.

I’ve recently dug into the history of communist infiltration, taking another look into Senator Joseph McCarthy (who I often confused with J Edgar Hoover).

While he is currently a villain in our current account of history, I wonder whether his character was assassinated like Trump, Flynn, Breitbart, and other patriots who attempted to defend our Republic.

If you have some time, look into his review of George C. Marshall, former Secretary of Defense.

When McCarthy went after him in 1951, everyone in his personal and professional circles plead,

‘Don’t do it! He’s such a great hero! In the eyes of the people he’s a saint! You’ll destroy your reputation in the process!’

But his answer to those well-meaning folks was that the reason the world had fallen to such a tragic state after the War was because too many politicians did only what they considered politically-wise (or beneficial to their personal fortunes).

McCarthy said America, after beating the Axis powers, retreated from victory due to the influence of communists and communist-sympathizers within our own borders.

Sound familiar?

What if he was right, and what if it never stopped?

Thank God for what now will be revealed.


P.S. If you have a few stamps, write a letter to our President ASAP requesting a full audit into all 50 states. Our collective intent is for his staffers to receive thousands upon thousands of letters.

Here’s what I sent, stuffing envelopes with prints and a handwritten note on the back. Sending certified so that I know they’ll arrive in D.C.

This is how we’ll peacefully make our voices heard.