Every individual is a minority

Build momentum

Each morning in the shower I turn the water cold and say a short prayer.

While verses change it always ends the same—I can do all things through Christ, who strengthens me.

It helps me feel more connected to Him and less alone.

Last week I wrote about mentors and bosses turning on me. That now includes family as I deny the vaccine.

Biblical times, indeed. Relationships broken down, houses torn apart, and worse—to destroy us.

But the evil only wins if we give in.

So even if you’re alone—don’t give up.

Your job now is to keep dancing to the music of your soul. You have to hear it. If you listen for it, you’ll find it.

And once you find it, you’ll find others dancing alone. It’s the music we’ve been dreaming for. And as those who are awake dance together, the music grows.

As we dance and connect—we’ll realize we are one.

Last week I also wrote about treating this like a job. I already have two jobs, but this third job is the most fun.

Going to send you a new drawing and some words *AT LEAST* 3x a week—Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Considering myself a Christian Futurist I’ll be writing on our unalienable rights, crypto, and creativity.

My job is to better prepare us for the future, and censorship-resistant technology, so that we can use it to defend our freedom.

Thanks for being here and supporting me. See you soon.