Evil of envy 💎

Our nation’s other plague

Anyone who does not love does not know God, because God is love.

1 John 4:8

This morning I stopped myself from feeling envy. Envy for missing out on something I already had.

It’s been on my mind as others point to envy, jealously, or resentful desire as the engine driving ‘social justice’.

What is envy? Displeasure produced by witnessing the advantage or prosperity of someone else.

This displeasure leads to unnecessary rivalries and grudges that end in unhappiness. Not just for the envious, but for the envied as well.

It is a plague, which is spreading across this planet. Focusing its destructive intent on anyone with talent, success, or even just a different way of doing things.

As mentioned yesterday I’ve been returning to the prophetic books. Now re-reading the book of Daniel.

And Daniel loved God deeply, he always prayed. The king loved him because he was efficient in what he did, so envious political enemies plotted to destroy him.

They devised a clever trick to entrap him and threw him to the lions to be devoured, but God delivered him in a profound and miraculous way.

And for every evil deed there is always a repercussion.

These days seem dark, with a closing window of hope. But we can always trust in God.

For while we may witness the envious deploy evil, destructive tricks, we might not be privy to the ways in which they receive their consequence.

God Wins

Bears repeating—the comments from you are the best thing about this letter. Each of you make me stronger and smarter. Thank you.