For the Road Ahead

- 43

After spending a week evading fires and another week evading smoke, we’ve returned home to the PNW.

Good reminder that when you need to hit the road in a hurry, most of the food and gear and water you store up is worthless—you can only take so much.

And in catching up on events, I read Jake Gardner committed suicide in my neck of the woods. This comes after Milwaukee. After the McCloskeys.

Everyone should use this tragic turn to study lawful use of firearms in self-defense.

In these wild times, when weak (or worse) DAs are pressured by the mob to drum up charges, you must know the law and precedent in your state.

If you don’t remember why you signed up for this, my name is EKO. I used to tweet in all-caps.

When not working and raising my family, I creating picture books about our bright American future.

I’ve been twice suspended for posting hopeful, innocent cartoons, and I know the purge is coming.

So instead of returning, I’ll send toons directly to patriots like you—on email—daily*. And maybe someday soon create podcasts and videos.

I think only a few dozen people know I’m here, so if see this please say hello! And if you’d like to share, that’d mean the world to me. <3