God Woke You Up For A Reason


I have many favorite 17 posts. Don’t ask me to pick my favorite. Sometimes I stay up late (or get up early) to read old drops while clicking refresh.

But earlier today I saw post 4790 and shouted with irrepressible joy. Almost in tongues. On verge of tears.

Those mountains and that sunshine, which resemble my own surroundings, fill me with a strength and enthusiasm that cannot be stopped.

When I read the message again it reminded me of what I wrote about yesterday—the experience of being called by God. Because we are awake, on a journey.. to a Great Nation.

And for me, an image appeared. Creating in the near future a worldwide pop-cultural phenomenon around Christ. For a new generation. We’ve talked about it before but now I know it must be so.

Why did God wake you?

Thank you for being on this journey. Just hours before the debate I look forward to enjoying tonight’s show with you. Please feel free to share or leave a comment—I love your messages.