Never give up

Standing strong even when you stand alone

I almost gave up.

A week ago I hit a low. My mentor turned his back on me. My boss alienated me. My family suffered another loss.

Heck, even Dr. Seuss got cancelled.

So I wrote to you preparing to hang up this art project, to say goodbye, after already removing more than 200 dormant subscribers. It’d been a good run, I thought.

But you reached out to connect. My last letter received a few dozen comments with twice as many emails.

You poured your heart out to me. And it’s clearer now than ever that we’re in this together.

Our dear friend Martin Geddes reminded me that success requires consistency and persistence.

And he also sent this video, which we should all watch and listen to every day.

I don’t need to step away. I need to triple down.

My job is to treat this like a job. To show up, again and again, building momentum through art and words.

Do you know the story of Dr. Seuss?

He hated Hitler and Nazis so much he essentially created the first memes to support the Allies during World War II, leading a creative studio that produced comics, cartoons, and movies to inspire and educate soldiers and citizens alike.

Who do we have doing that today? What gaps in the culture must we fill?

There’s an entire art movement taking off around NFTs (I’ll write more about this soon), gaining press for “bringing equality to creators”.

But these communities and platforms monetizing digital art are rife with TDS—I’ve already been banned from two platforms.

Oh well. Never give up.

I’m gonna be here. Creating more than ever.

And who knows, maybe something will happen tomorrow that changes everything.

We’ll see.

Thank you.

God Wins.