One month out

Checking in

Merry Christmas. 

I know it’s been awhile since I last wrote you. 

The development of The Last Book feels good. My entire story arc is outlined, with the first six chapters written, and the first ‘episode’ completely illustrated. 

When I began work on it last month I imagined myself publishing three times per week. 

But raising a family with a demanding day job, I realize that schedule is not sustainable. Not to mention most of you are busy people with hectic lives. 

So I’ll chunk it into meatier weekly episodes, publishing on Fridays. And to build a consistent rhythm, I’m working now to build up a 6-8 week stockpile of content.

And no sense rushing to publish now as our country dives deeper into a Constitutional Crisis. The time is almost here.

So over the holidays and into the Storm, I’ll hunker here creating so that once our President is inaugurated the series will launch as our Golden Age begins. 

Thank you for sticking with me and for inspiring me to push forth. Have any questions or comments, let me know below! 

And remember, God Wins!