OPEN THREAD: What should this be? ✍️


I started this toonletter after being booted from Twitter for a third time. Working to send to you each morning as part of a weekday routine.

Idea was to create a calmer space in your inbox for patriotic art and quickly-written thoughts on the future of this country (through a historical lens).

But as I begin to write more words and post more frequently, it turns out fewer people are opening and reading. Can’t blame an algorithm’s censorship—I can only look to myself.

So I want to ask you whether I should be doing something else. Let’s start a conversation in the comments…

Publish fewer, more organized posts? Focus more on art than writing about history? Switch to a comic strip about me and lil pup? Stop it altogether to instead work on finishing the children’s book?

Either way—God Wins 😉