Remodeling America 🏗


Before I write anything I need to stop and say, thank you. The notes I received from yesterday’s toonletter brought me energy and joy.

Because while platforms will do their worst to shut us up, keep us down, and rip us apart, we will always find new ways—across these United States—to stay connected.

So as long as you want them and as long as I’m able, I’ll keep sending you my art.

It also seems a good number of you are in the PNW, or at least the West Coast, which is surely a front row seat for the show.

You saw Today the DOJ echo POTUS in designating Portland and Seattle (and New York) as anarchist swamps.

Folks that know Oregon and Washington know that outside of the big cities and college towns, the people run red. True of most places.

And thinking about this makes you appreciate the Electoral College—our Founding Fathers were smart.

Because they understood that urbanization is a flaw of any democracy. Without safeguards, our country would’ve long been balkanized by city states.

What do you think would happen if State election races were won not by popular vote but by a similar electoral system?

Could it create a pathway for states, even for “deep blue” California, to turn red?

Thanks for reading. I have no voice on social anymore. If you like these daily drawings, please consider sharing with a friend. God Wins.