Revealing the unseen universe

Time to start serializing the last book

For awhile now I’ve planned on writing the definitive children’s book to help bring the next generation closer to Christ and his teachings.

And while it feels productive to document my own personal journey here, the reality is that it delays the creative production of the book.

Why? Perhaps fear. A subconscious, limiting belief that I am not worthy, not good enough to execute God’s vision.

But of course I am. We all are. That’s why we’re here!

To experience this world, learning and sharing the mysteries of God, the Universe, History, Jesus, and ourselves.

I write a lot about momentum.

Showing up.

Starting before you are ready.

Following through.

When the living and loving Heavenly Father provides you the spark of an idea, it’s up to you to activate your free will and make it a reality.

So that’s what I’m going to do.

Say I’m going to do it.

Then do it.

I am producing the most famous children’s book for the Glory of God.

It may take years to be fully realized. It may take several lifetimes for it to realize its destiny. But it starts now, in public.

Thank you for being here to support and participate in this mission. All of us have a part to play.

And if you’d like to help directly by becoming a paid subscriber, you may always do that.

All funds go toward the creation, production, and distribution of the book.

Vision is to Johnny Appleseed it, once in book form, establishing networks of people to drop the word throughout the Americas, Asia, and Africa.

This Awakening is bigger than us—it is worldwide and will take us into the centuries and millennia ahead.

Love you,

God Wins