Swim above the suffering ✨

Getting closer to God through experience

The girl from my dreams—the watcher—appeared once more. 

She does not tell me her name. But then, she does not speak to me at all. 

We are deep in space, on a majestic ship, swimming laps in its Olympic-sized pool. 

She shows me life across multiple universes and then finally what we call Earth.

From our peaceful orbit above I feel the pain and heartbreak of our people here below. I want to tell them they’ll be OK, but how? 

We get out of the pool and she hands me a book. It’s a large book, something I’ve never seen before. And yet instantly—I know it. 

It applied to every aspect of life without placing any burdens or demands for compliance. 

As I held it in my hands I knew it was designed to forever inoculate its readers from joining any institutional religion. 

Because all man-made institutions are flawed and, over time, fall victim to corruption. 

But it did give me a superb confidence in God. And showed me a glorious side of Jesus—Son of Man and Son of God—that I’d never seen before. 

He came as an intervention, to show us who we are and what we will become, born a helpless child in the realm of his own creation. 

Not only were we given the example of how to live a righteous life in submission to the will of God, but we were touchingly welcomed to consider God as our Heavenly Father.

And in my dream it was clear to me that he did not sacrifice himself for our sins but rather was killed by the established system for threatening their reign of control. 

As I woke, a chill came over me, along with a flood of questions:

What if this established system never really went away? 

History’s written by those in control.

We know we cannot believe anything the media or other institutions say because they are controlled by the D33P STATE. 

What if what we accept as holy books are similarly controlled by a millennia-old DEEP CHURCH? 

How would we know for sure? Why do we practice discernment in some areas and not others? 

I do not have answers to these questions but I do know that I feel calmer and surer than ever before. 

In fact, I cannot fully express what change is coming over my internal components, but I want to be a better friend, father, husband. 

I have absolutely zero anxiety about death, nor do I fear what lies ahead for us as we work to free ourselves from the system’s eternal grasp.

All I know is that we are slowly claiming our birthright as terrestrial children of God.

And I have a feeling this isn’t the last time I’ll be going for a swim with my watcher.

What do you think is going on? Have you thought about the questions I posed? 

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God Wins