The Greatest Conjunction? ⌛️

Preparing for December 21, 2020

And God said, Let there be lights in the firmament of the heaven to divide the day from the night; and let them be for signs

—Genesis 1:14

History follows Conjunctions.

Conjunctions are formed, astrologically speaking, when two planets line up in the sky. Some suggest that when this occurs their energies are combined.

While not a man of astrology, there are key psychic and physical changes or happenings that do align with what we call “time and space”.

A Great Conjunction occurs when Saturn and Jupiter overlap, which happens every 20 years. And the occurrences align with or anticipate significant moments in history.

But what’s strange is that these events only occur in three signs (“trigon”) for 200 years before moving on to the next three signs for 200 years.

At around 6 B.C. there was a tremendous and especially close conjunction between the two planets under the sign of Pisces.

It must’ve created an extremely bright light in the sky for months. Might this have been know as the Star of Bethlehem that led the magi to Jesus?

The Ichthys, or Jesus Fish, secret symbol of Christianity, certainly resembles Pisces.

What’s interesting is that the next Great Conjunction, the greatest in 400 years, perhaps even 800 years, will occur in exactly one month from today…

December 21, 2020.

This will occur under the sign Aquarius.

New Agers for decades have said we are in or entering “the Age of Aquarius” but this is the first significant astrological event to occur under the sign since 1405.

Before re-reading the Bible, I read deep texts from the Swiss Psychologist Carl Jung.

One of his basic ideas was that the fish symbolism around Christ was synchronistically parallel to the astrological dawning of the age of two fishes.

Jesus, Son of God, became the incarnated personification of the aeon (era).

And I would argue that the first millennium after his birth was extremely Christian as the Gospel spread around the world.

But this began to invert in the second millennium, increasingly becoming what I’ll call Anti-Christian.

And Jung noticed in studying history that astrological events strangely correlated with psychological and physical events, clustered around 0AD, 500AD, 1000AD, 1500AD.

Christ was born. Beginning of the first fish.

Then around 500, the age reached its high point, with St. Benedict’s founding the first Monastery (529AD).

But things began to change after Joachim of Flora arrived a little after 1000. Followed by an explosion of cults and heresies. The second fish emerges.

And by about 1500, with what became of the Catholic Church and power of the Pope, the anti-Christian aspect came into its own.

The Renaissance, the Reformation, and the emergence of science. Dr. Faustus made his “Faustian bargain” some time after 1500AD.

Can really break down these ages into traits:

500AD (Monasticism)

1000AD (Holy Spirit movements)

1500AD (Renaissance)

By 1500, the Holy Ghost had descended, nothing was sacred anymore. People explored the cosmos, their minds, their bodies, and sacred texts. Everything was up for grabs.

And we, as a culture and society seem to be at the peak end of this Anti-Christian age.

There is a schism in our souls. Has been for centuries (millennia?) and we need to find our way back to the original, living spirit.

Good over evil.

Darkness into light.

Union of opposites? (Left vs Right)

If the age of fishes is ending, ruled by the archetype of opposite fish (Christ? Antichrist?)

the coming approach of an Aquarius event will unite the two into a greater whole.

I do think this is greater than politics, economics, philosophy, or religion. This cannot be addressed by the church.

But rather must be understood individually, by each of us, having a direct experience with the living spirit and its connection to God.

Just as the everlasting gospel was meant to take the place of Christ’s message, I think the times we are experiencing are preparing us to be the next rocks for the next age, event, and symbol.

You yourselves like living stones are being built up as a spiritual house, to be a holy priesthood.

—1 Peter 2:5

And what is this symbol of Aquarius?


Watch the water.