The Mark of Christ

You have a responsibility to use the intelligence God gave you

In her diary entry of December 3, 2023, she wrote:

“Today I proceeded through the streets with an armband. With rumors of what will happen to those who do not begin to self-identify, I decided such a demonstration is now a necessity for my survival”.

If you look to history long enough you begin to see the future. Those here know what is coming, even if we don’t yet know how to stop it.

When this spiritual battle is won, and it will be, all of us will reflect on what we did to fight the darkness.

Did You put your head in the sand and ignore the negativity that exists around you? Did you try to blend in hoping your love for freedom wasn’t discovered? Or did you become the light that eradicates it?

By now we know there is a problem darker than most of humanity will ever feel comfortable acknowledging—that the world is run by evil forces.

Death cults agnostic of a particular label. Embedded in every cornerstone of society. This is the great secret hidden for thousands and thousands of years.

Understanding requires a deep look beyond the surface to see the truth. And the truth isn’t just that every political movement has been infiltrated—for religious ones have, too.

How much of what we know about the message of Christ has been filtered through evil forces? Do you know? Are you ready to find out? The only way to truly see is to let go of perceptions of personality or ego.

Nothing is as it seems.

Everything is inverted.

Including Christianity.

Time to look at sources hidden from us and to read texts esoterically.

Believe in Christ.

Question everything.

God Wins

Please recommend obscure texts to read this weekend and begin to cover here. I’ve got a good head start but want to hear what you want to share.

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