The People are the Heroes Now

What comes next

Yesterday was a hard, disappointing day for Patriots. People showed us who they are. Perhaps several you know already jumped ship.

But as Joe sat at the Resolute, trying his best to undo POTUS’ legacy, something hit me.

None of his executive actions can go into effect until after 30 days. 30 days. What does that remind you of?

Drop #970

Done in 30.

House cleaning.

WH secured.

Final stage.


Drop # 1281

What was completed and released today?

Re: Flynn?

“Done in 30”.


Why is the 19th one of the most important days in history? Because Trump declassified... everything. 

You think just materials relating to Crossfire Hurricane? Nope.

Mueller witch hunt.

Impeachment hoax.

Covid origins.




Election fraud.

And much, much moar. 

It will start with public revelations of FISA abuse.

This will lead to SCOTUS gate.

And that will bring the whole fu%$in’ diseased corrupt temple down.

It’s going to be biblical.

So if you see John Roberts (or anyone else who thinks they got away with the crime of the millennium), tell ‘em, ‘GUESS WHAT’.

Nothing can stop what is coming. 

And as far as the world is concerned, Trump is now in the rear view mirror. When justice does indeed come, it will be served to the people free from political bias.

So have faith. The military is proceeding as planned. Trump is comfy af. The truth will be told. And it is our job—we, the people—to demand change. It is the only way.

Enjoy the show!