The Soul’s Code

Holding on

Yeats wrote, more than 100 years ago, of ‘the rise of the soul against intellect, now beginning in the world.

Subsequent history—two world wars, the Information Age, and the emergence of artificial intelligence, may not seem to support this prophecy.

There is little soul and much intellectual arrogance today. Not only among elites and ‘progressives’ but patriots, too.

Yet the voice of the greatest artists is always prophetic and Yeats’ vision embraced a time-scale far beyond the superficial waves of culture… into the ebb and flow of a greater tide.

His contemporaries and those who came after him felt they knew the direction of history better than he did, ridiculing the poet’s preoccupation with the whole range of knowledge belonging to the soul.

Many accused him of valuing ‘irrational superstition’ over the growing acceptance of the scientific method and the theory of evolution.

But I believe Yeats’ prophecy shall be fulfilled.

We are now living in the waste land of intellect, of the modern world, this profane world in which the soul can only suffer exile. For our soul is native to another land.

Today I seek, and I bet you seek too, what I cannot find. It is a voice that speaks the unspoken.

Nobody speaks such things. But 45 did.

Because he knows the soul’s code.

And while he is not gone, I know we mourn his absence. We stand here, keeping watch, in this soulless world.

I want to thank you again for being here. The conversation in the comments transform this From a letter into a community. You make this what it is.

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