The truth about conspiracy 👽

You know the worst conspiracies hide in plain site. The truest conspiracies meet with the least opposition.

Theories are parodies, manufactured to distract from facts.

Debt industry? real.

Gerrymandering? real.

Police Militarization? real.

What about mass surveillance?

10 years ago only the ‘nuttiest’ believed governments were working together to access and track the communications of every single man, woman, and child on Earth.

But Assange and Snowden showed us that not only was it happening to the maximum extent possible—but governments work very hard to do it in absolute secret.

Is there anything more grand and conspiratorial?

Obviously, we know.

And the general public knows, too.

But nobody cares because we all opted into the machine.

Forget everything you learned in the past five years.

Put yourself in someone’s shoes who you perceive as the ‘opposition’.

Realize they have more in common with you and me than the government that seeks to control us all.

How do we bridge the divide, around a topic not yet sullied, so that we can come together and unite against our common enemy?

Is is this?

Want non-partisan issues we can all get behind. Bio safety? Economics? What else?

Please let me know in the comments.

And watch this video from my childhood that showed two ‘sides’ of the same evil bird..