He parted the heavens and came down—a thick darkness was under his feet.

—Psalm 18:9

Tell me the tide is turning. Pennsylvania. Georgia. Michigan. Arizona. For those with ears to hear, the truth is being heard.

Will that be enough? Patriots on an extremely tight timeline.

Just weeks until the Electoral College meets.

One month left in the wickedest year in our lifetimes.

And in under two months the President will be Inaugurated.

Only if the plan succeeds. Otherwise we’ll the nation forever known as letting Pure Evil openly steal an election.

And in the time we have left, so much more can happen. There are many covert operations happening right now, 24/7, that we’ll likely never know about.

But one way to feel productive is to put my art toward a good cause. Last week I reopened my GOD WINS store to raise money for Sidney Powell’s Legal Defense Fund.

And now in spite of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, I’m putting out my biggest ever discount on hoodies and prints.

If you want to grab something in time for the holidays, the special promo code takes 25% off everything in the shop.

Enter BLACKSKY at checkout to get the deal. And feel free to share with whoever might be interested in the gear.


I’ll report back on how much was raised for Sidney’s fund (currently $190). Hoping to 10x that by end of year.

Whatever happens, feel good knowing GOD WINS.

PS If you made it this far, let me know in the comments below about your Thanksgiving. Did you get together with family? What came up at the dinner table? Folks feeling OK?