What is this all for?


A light in the darkness.

That’s what He told me to be as I walked my pup through the woods.

After getting locked out of Twitter again, negotiating with my merch suppplier, and having my URL temporarily blocked by this very hosting provider, I’d asked God why even bother to draw.

Create for the next generation.

With so much going on in the world, I wondered whether I should be putting my energies toward other challenges.

But the voice was clear, an echo of what Kim Clement was told decades ago—you’ve got to use your gift.

So I will. I’ve been drawing since late 2017, after 17 entered the scene. And I’ve drawn hundreds of patriotic cartoons since.

And while this is not my day job, nothing gives me more joy than to pray, drink some coffee, and create art for God & Country.

Okay, so what’s a ToonLetter?

Today it’s one man’s opinion, through a historical lens, on real world events.

But what it must become is an ongoing Christian dystopian comic.

Because it’s my commitment—to my children, to you, and to the people of tomorrow—to uncover and share our hidden history so that we may preserve the rights given to us by our Creator.

Great, how often will it come out?

Scaling down from five scattered posts per week to one new episode each week (on Thursdays).

Subscribers will still get access to behind-the-scenes posts and real-world commentary.

When are you going to begin?

He said to me—start before you are ready.

So that’s exactly what I’m going to do.

And thank you for joining me and Lil Pup on this journey. We’re going to need all the help we can get…


See you next week for the beginning of The Last Book. Please share with people you love, have a wonderful Thanksgiving, and remember…