What to do after the Resurrection

It’s day 1 again — do you sit and wait or venture out to spread the good news?

Now the eleven disciples went to Galilee, to the mountain to which Jesus had directed them. And when they saw him they worshiped him, but some doubted. And Jesus came and said to them, “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. Go therefore and make disciples of all nations…

Mark 28:16

Resurrection Sunday was a terrible day of isolation in the lives of the apostles.

Because most of them spent it behind barred doors. They might have fled from Jerusalem but they were afraid of being arrested by agents of the Sanhedrin.

While they heard rumors gaining headway in the city, it didn’t occur to them to gather up news from the various groups of believers to whom Jesus already appeared.

For the first time, the apostles realized just how much they had been dependent on David’s messengers for daily information regarding the affairs of the kingdom.

And Peter wavered all day between faith and doubt, living under a heavy burden of guilt ever since his denial of Christ. But in the evening Jesus appeared to him:

Peter, the enemy desired to have you, but I would not give you up. I knew it was not from the heart that you disowned me—therefore I forgave you even before you asked.

But now must you cease to think about yourself and the troubles of the hour while you prepare to carry the good news of the gospel to those who sit in darkness.

No longer are you to be concerned with what you may obtain from the kingdom. Instead be energized about what you can give to those who live in dire and spiritual poverty.

Gird yourself—for the battle of a new day, the struggle with spiritual darkness and the evil doubting of the natural minds of men.

Peter was overcome with the realization that he had spoken with the risen Christ and that he could still be an ambassador of the kingdom.

He had a mission—to go on preaching the gospel. And with all of this welling up within his heart, he rushed back to his fellow apostles to exclaim in breathless excitement:

I have seen Him!

I spoke with him!

And he has forgiven me!

There are many here who suffer from doubt or, more accurately, exhaustion. Imagine what the Apostles felt.

The sorrow, the guilt, the doubt, the questioning.

But an appearance was made to them and others after the Resurrection to affirm their faith.

And while we may not directly receive such an experience, we have this recorded message from Jesus to affirm OUR faith:

Peace be upon you.

You all know that we have one Father in heaven, and that there is but one gospel of the kingdom—the good news of the gift of eternal life which men receive by faith.

As you rejoice in your loyalty to the gospel, pray the Father of truth to shed abroad in your hearts a new and greater love for your brethren.

You are to love all men as I have loved you; you are to serve all men as I have served you.

With understanding sympathy and brotherly affection, fellowship all your brethren who are dedicated to the proclamation of the good news.

The spreading of this good news is not just to other Christians or patriots. It is to all people—no matter their background—in words that resonate with their desires.

Why go forth? Because God sends the Spirit of Truth into the souls of all people who unselfishly dedicate their lives to the enlightenment of their fellow humans.

We know these people sit in spiritual darkness—so many are lost.

But we are the Children of Light. The Sons and Daughters of God. The Brothers and Sisters to all mankind.

If we embark on this noble quest, not just to read their word but to spread it, we will be strengthened by the grace of faith.

So let’s go! Why not! No better time than now. To re-enter the world and proclaim for a new generation this gospel of the fatherhood of God and the brotherhood of men. To all parties. To all nations. To all races. To all ages.

And we will fear not the resistance of evil, for Christ is with us always, even to the end of the ages. And this certainly feels like the end of an age.

Yesterday was day 0.

God Wins