You know what’s coming 🪡

Tomorrow is only a day away

What a week. And it’s only Tuesday.

I don’t know about you but yesterday my head was spinning. Migrated, migrated, and migrated again.

Platforms kaput and chat groups on fire. I did my best to keep up but there is so much misinfo, disinfo, and hopium at this stage, decided it best to quiet the noise.

All I know for certain is that GOD WINS.

You are loved. You are to stick together. You are to righteously use the free will provided to all of us.

Do we need to know every piece of information as soon as it happens? No. Everything that is to happen or be made public will be known at the appropriate time.

Not sure “10 days of darkness” was literal, but during this time why not put down the phone to which we’ve become so addicted?

Pick up an old book. Write yourself a letter. Go for a long silent walk. Spend a moment with someone you love (or have neglected).

They will work so hard over the next days and weeks to further cancel or assassinate your character.

But we will not break as long as we stand united. For where we go one, we go all.

PS Are you on Telegram? Find me here, (@ekotoons).

I’ll add you to my art archive group, posting everything from the past three years that was nuked by Twitter..

And if that platform gets nuked too, we’ll keep on with our pilgrimage of the soul.. to the promised land.