Your Duty to be an Americanist


If you’re watching closely. What happened in Wayne County last night. And Georgia. And Pennsylvania. And around the world.

You will be called terrible things for seeing truth. You will be called selfish for desiring liberty. Your freedom will be stripped in the name of “safety”.

Our generation and the generations that come after us, whether here or abroad, must become AMERICANISTS.

We must define the many battle lines in the long war between freedom and slavery.

From before our country was birthed, from the first war between Athenian individualism and the destructive forces of Spartan collectivism.

These ancient prototypes of good versus evil find their recurrent spiritual incarnation today in our bitter struggle between Americanist and Communist (Globalist) systems.

For us online, for me in my artwork, education is the basic strategy. And truth is the most vital weapon.

It is the purpose of this hand-drawn newsletter, no matter how many times they attempt to deplatform me, to supply alarms and searchlights.

Weaponry and the will to win for those who believe William Cullen Bryant’s 200-year old warning must be heeded in every age and by every generation:

Not yet! O Freedom!

Close thy lids in slumber, for thine enemy never sleeps!

And thou must watch and combat till the day of the new Earth and Heaven.

On the Antiquity of Freedom, 1842