Your duty to save man

While you still have a fighting chance

For even the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve, and to give his life as ransom for many.

Matthew 10:45

Jesus desired to incarnate as the lowest of intelligent mortal beings on this planet so that he might ascend to his heavenly throne through actual experience.

He aspired not to perfection of rule as Creator but to embody the universal love and divine wisdom of the Supreme Being. 

What would Jesus do in these times? Would he wait for someone else? Would he go into hiding? Would he give up?

I’ve received so many emails over the past week from people who tell me they are done.




These feelings are valid and appropriate.

But you are to channel these emotions into constructive—NOT DESTRUCTIVE—action.

The forced separation of people. The selection of a false president before our eyes. The mandate to be injected with an experimental ‘vaccine’.

These are all tests. Perhaps not cruelly designed for us, but how we respond to such challenges are indeed observed from above.

We are led to believe there is nothing we can too. That we are damned from both sides. And perhaps that is true—but there is always a third way.

What is that way? You don’t need marches. You need to leverage laws as they are written on paper. You need to calmly and peacefully speak truth—even if it has consequence.

You must be willing to face the worst for what you believe in order to preserve your soul and defend the souls that come after you.

For that is what He did.

God Wins